Thursday, January 22, 2004

Paranoid? Moi?

Mutterings continued.

This morning the corellas came to me - there was a large flock of them flying over the units and landing on and falling out of the Jacaranda tree behind us. Fabulous sight. Then I got to work and they'd followed me.

Got home to a letter from the landlord advising of another bloody rent inspection. Always happens just before a production when I'm in full props creation mode and the place looks like backstage of the Dolphin has exploded.

I had a great night at Scarborough last night. The weather was lovely and the ocean a real picture - sailboard races and people in glider thingies hanging from the back of boats. The knives Leece loaned to me are very cool. We didn't want to draw attention to ourselves by putting the knives on the table in full view of the rest of the restaurant, so I put my bag on the floor and we sneakily transferred them from her bag to mine. Much less obvious!

Happy birthday John Hurt - 64 today. And yesterday Tom Baker was 70.

"Magazine blunder directs walkers over cliff

Britain's biggest-selling hillwalking magazine has apologised after the latest issue contained a route that would have led climbers off the edge of a cliff." Obviously not fussed about people renewing their subscriptions.

I've just done a spell check and the suggestion for 'Jacaranda'? Scranton!


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