Friday, February 06, 2004

On hols.

Mutterings continued.

I was all set to knock off at my usual time when I remembered that I hadn't typed up the minutes from a meeting I'd attended yesterday. And as they would be needed while I was away I figured I'd better do them.

Icky start to the day - I put some sultana bran and muesli in a bowl and poured on the milk, only the milk didn't so much 'pour' as 'glugged'. Not nice.

Bruce Beresford has some interesting things to say about "Our" Nicole and others - Bulletin article.

I've just been looking at an airline comparison chart and one of the criteria is "Fatal events 1970-2000 per million flights (less is better). Er, yes, I suppose it is. For Aeroflot they don't have a number, just 'high'.


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