Wednesday, April 07, 2004

More Earworms

Mutterings continued.

There was a report on Newsradio this morning about the 5th anniversary of the Abba tribute-play-whatever Mama Mia and the bastards just had to play Waterloo. The damn song was stuck in my head and if, like me, your musical tastes were formed in the 60's by the likes of the Masters Apprentices, Chain, Max Merritt and Meteors, Steppenwolf and Led Zepplin, having Abba in your head is very, very bad. I managed to clear it once I got to work by listening to some Steely Dan.

And speaking of Masters Apprentices, Live at the Basement on Aunty last night featured Jim Keyes, Darryl Cotton and Russell Morris - unfortunately it was on after sleepy bo-bos time so I set the vcr. Or rather, didn't. I realised this morning that I'd set the Foxtel box but not the vcr.

I read on the Mausoleum Club forum that several BBC Shakespeares are being released on DVD in June in the UK, the most exciting, for me, being Derek Jacobi's Hamlet. No word on Richard II, however, so I'm hoping that some time down the track. The DVDs have been available in the States for some time but are hideously expensive.

"CELEBRITY chef Jamie Oliver has brought a whole new meaning to overdone meat and two veg, burning his "crown jewels" while cooking.

Jamie and Jools have two children, but still find time for fun in the kitchen.

In what was supposed to be a saucy Valentine's Day treat for his wife, Jools, Oliver had decided to cook a feast in the nude.

The Sun reported that Oliver, 28, was happily getting through his romantic culinary display when it all went painfully wrong.

"I was naked in the kitchen and burnt my penis. I really ruined my evening - and my night," he confessed to the newspaper."

Now, I'm sure it hurt as burns are a terrible thing, but......BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

"THE first 10 commandments were written by the finger of God and handed to Moses on Mt Sinai, the 11th has been sent to the Methodist Church in Britain by text message from a pub.

The church announced the new commandment - "Thou shalt not worship false pop idols" - today after holding a contest in the country's pubs aimed at sparking an ethical debate among young people." My particular favourites are "Thou shalt not consume thine own bodyweight in fudge.", "Thou shalt not dance like your dad", "Thou shalt not dump your lover by text" and, "Thou shalt not hold loud conversations on thy mobile phone in a public place".


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