Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Trying to tell me something?

Mutterings continued.

Today's Blogspot Google ads are for religious items - Sinai Shades (which I gather have the 10 Commandments printed on the lenses in case you forget them. I hope one of them is "Thou shalt not read thy sunglasses while driving lest thou drive into a lamp post".) and free 10 Commandments software ("Thou shalt take the name of Bill Gates in vain at every opportunity", "Thou shalt pine for the days of Windows 3.11".)

A short but busy week this week at work - lots of reports to do, a presentation for the boss to create, yada yada.

Only boring stuff in the mailbox today - shop cattledogs, rent receipt, pizza vouchers. I did get an email from dvdsoon saying that one of the Cadfaels I ordered is on its way and the other is 'on order'. I emailed Blackstar to say that the second Cadfael set I didn't want (just a replacement for the broken box) has arrived and what should I do with the first.

An article by Simon Callow on the centenary of John Guilgud's birth.


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