Saturday, June 19, 2004

I hate technology

Mutterings continued.

Since getting my pc fixed a couple of months ago, I've been battling with the printer. I've uninstalled the drivers, reinstalled the drivers, downloaded new drivers, pulled out all the plugs, put all the plugs back in, gone through the Troubleshooting screens from start to finish and the bastard just refused to work. This afternoon, after replacing all the ink cartridges and pulling all the plugs out (again) I noticed that there was a USB hole next to the cable at the back of the printer. Something stirred in my befuddled brain and I vaguely remembered that XP only likes USB connections for some hardware.

I pulled the USB cable out of my scanner, plugged it into the printer and, you guessed it, the bastard is now working. For some reason my OS decided that it now only wants a USB connection - the cable it was happy with for that last 18 months just isn't any good any more.

Sodding Microsoft.

It looks as though the price of petrol is slowly edging its way down - I saw it for 94.8c this morning. I'm surprised it didn't go up on Thursday - Public Service pay day, you know.

LOTR - RotK music. I can't recall if I noticed it the first time I saw the film, but there's a scene which features 3 bars straight out of Rurouni Kenshin.

And while I'm on music, I'm half listening to a doco about Mahler and I've just twigged that it's narrated by Kenneth Branagh. A few days ago I stumbled across a thing on the telly about Princess Diana and thought to myself that the narrator sounded very familiar. It was David Troughton so of course it was familiar - I have enough of his Shakespeare on tape to know the voice.

This was written last night but it appears to have gone into blogger limbo.


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