Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Windy, again.

Mutterings continued.

Been a warm day - 23c, overcast, howling winds. Cyclone weather. I rode my motor cycle home from WAIT in a cyclone in '78. Exciting, though vaguely scary. All the lights went out on campus and the poor sods in the library had to be led to safety by the security guards as there were no windows above the, I think, 3rd floor and all was pitch black. I was doing an Anthropology tute and we were rescued by the lecturer's wife who arrived with a couple of torches. We all held hands as we walked, crocodile file, down the corridors of the Social Science building.

I shared a house in Wilson with two other students; when I got home the power was out and there was a note on the fridge which said, "I know I'm a coward but I've gone home to mum!". Fortunately we had gas so we could at least eat something. The other girl and I spent the evening drinking coffee and smoking, something we did most nights when we weren't playing cards (and drinking coffee and smoking).

An article by Terry "Writer, film director, actor and Python" Jones on where his son gets to after choir practice.

From the Radio Times: "The two main TV channels are making rival Sherlock Holmes dramas, with ITV's Stephen Fry up against BBC's Rupert Everett in his first major British TV acting role for two decades. Both channels have given the go-ahead to new interpretations of the globally famous fictional sleuth, and the dramas will be broadcast within months of each other. Everett plays the detective in a TV film planned for BBC1's Christmas, but ITV1 is not expected to have its Fry drama ready until next year."

Off to Scarborough for F and C with the Usual Suspects. Not a great night to be out and about, admittedly.

Interesting site for sale/swap/info of British and other comics. It features a few I remember my mother used to buy me when I was little. They also have manga and US comics and a lot of TV annuals from the 60's - Pinky and Perky, the Man from Uncle ("Illya! Mr Waverley!"), Sooty ("What's that Mr Prime Minister? You want to play your xylophone?).


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