Friday, June 04, 2004

Nick Gone (was!)*.

Mutterings continued.

Put Nick on the Greyhound bus for Adelaide this afternoon. This morning we visited Fremantle but the weather was too horrible to do much. We had a wander around the markets, strolled to Dome coffee shop and then had a good mooch through Elizabeth's Second Hand book store. Nick had discovered the Perth branch and was very much taken with them. I bought a copy of Who's Who in Shakespeare for $8.80 - lots of great photos.

We then drove to South Mole and back up to Stirling Highway, passed the submarine and Maritime Museum, the railway station (which I think looks fabulous) and the container terminal.

Home for lunch and then into town via taxi. We were going to have coffee in the Art Gallery coffee shop but it looked as though it wasn't open to the public.

Not a lot of people on the bus, only about half a dozen. Nick was asked where he wanted to sit and if he wanted to face the front. We hadn't realised that you could face any other way on a bus! We had a quick squiz at the seats and all seemed to be facing forwards so I'm not sure why he was asked.

We had a lovely time in New Norcia yesterday. The weather was fine and sunny and we had a good look around the town, through the art gallery and museum and a peer through the monastery gates.

* One of my favourite lines in Noises Off - it was Leah's delivery that made it so very funny.


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