Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Mutterings continued.

Nick arrived the UK yesterday and it's been interesting seeing one's home town as a tourist. The weather was bloody awful yesterday but cleared up in the afternoon and today was quite lovely. Cold out of the sun, but nice blue skies.

We went to the Zoo today and saw nearly every thing. Ended up at Kings Park about 2ish for lunch.

I'm taking mum to the hospital tomorrow so I've given Nick a bus time table and a map of the Cultural Centre and hope he'll be ok.

The cats are confused as they're not used to having to cope with closed doors. Living on my own (well, apart from 2 cats) I tend to leave all the doors open all the time. Not possible when you have a visitor. Both Gus and Milo sat staring at the closed spare bedroom door for ages last night after Nick had gone to bed. It's not that they wanted to go in there, it's just that the door was inexplicably shut.


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