Saturday, May 22, 2004

More rain.

Mutterings continued.

Not as heavy but just as welcome.

I bought a mattress this morning - I've never bought a mattress before, though I have bought a bed base. Now Nick, who will be visiting from Huddersfield in a couple of weeks, won't have to sleep on futon slats. He will, however, be sleeping surrounded by props from past GRADS productions, and the implements for making same. Should be fun trying the Poss-handle the mattress into the spare room - round the couch in the lounge room, through the door, passed the bookcases, vaccuum cleaner, air cooler, etc etc.

I had a very bizarre dream last night - it woke me up and was so good I made sure I remembered it this morning. It involved a US army platoon that was based in some hick town (see Gomer Pyle USMC) that was transported to a large indoor industrial fun park. Lots of shiny chrome and glass, large vents and tubes overhead, food and dancing. The men spend a couple of days being entertained, fed, etc. One of them is dancing with a woman staff member, looks down at his watch and sees that the hands are flying around. The woman explains that time works differently there. The soldier asks for her help to escape and she gets him back to his own time where 10 weeks have gone by. There was a voice over (yes, my dreams have voice overs) at the end which said that some of the platoon were found in odd places in odd times and most of them were never found. The first part of the dream was in black and white, the second in colour. I dream in colour; I also have a sense of smell as I once dreamt about Derek Jacobi wearing aftershave.

Time for the housework, alas.


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