Friday, May 14, 2004


Mutterings continued.

The news on Mum's health isn't good. The pain she's been experiencing in her shoulder and arm is due to the tumour in her lung. She's on morphine tablets (which are slow releasing over 2 hours) and morphine syrup (which is used for breakthrough pain) and her doctor has sent a letter of referral to SCGH for radiation therapy to help with pain relief.

She wasn't too bad when I saw her on Wednesday evening after her appointment with the specialist and she'd received the news. When I spoke to her yesterday she had been feeling nauseous all day - a side effect of the syrup. I've just got off the phone and she said hasn't needed the syrup since yesterday afternoon, she's just taken the tablets and feels ok. The nausea has backed off a bit too.

So that's where we are up to at the moment.


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