Thursday, May 06, 2004

Old Fart

Mutterings continued.

Being a baby boomer has its up and down sides - you were there when really good music was being made (and will endlessly grizzle that 'they' stopped making decent music in the early 70's) but you begin to forget what happened yesterday, let alone when really good music was being made. There has been some discussion on the rock and roll scars forum about a book titled The Real Thing by Toby Creswell which documents the Oz music scene from 1957 to the '90s. "This sounds good, I should get a copy." I thought. I have a copy! I bought it a couple of years ago. BTW, Toby Creswell wrote for Nation Review, started Juice and was editor of Rolling Stone.

I rang Reload Records in Melbourne today to order a copy of the Uptight DVD. They didn't have any in stock (boo!), will be getting them in next Friday (yay!) and I should be getting it by the following Tuesday (yay again!). And I know for sure that I DO NOT have a copy of this.


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