Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Mutterings continued.

Spent most of today worrying about Mum's biopsy. She said it was painless, they just stuck some needles in her back and the staff were lovely. Her specialist should be getting the results tomorrow.

Off to Steveg and Maureen's tonight for dinner. Must remember to take Maureen her Baudin's cockatoo adoption certificate - Fundraising couldn't find a photo of an adult bird for the certificate so I found them one of a newly hatched chick.

Derek Jacobi's Hamlet is on Ovation tonight in a series of Shakespeare plays introduced by John Bell. I've got the vid - it will be interesting to hear what Bell has to say about the play. His comment on Sir D? "Melodious in the Geilgud fashion and a bit of a sook." and "too old". But with beautiful hair, so there.

"Mystery shopper buys store's entire stock of Mars bars

A shopper paid £2,131.20 for the entire stock of Mars bars at a branch of Woolworths in London." Blimey! I mean....blimey!!


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