Sunday, April 25, 2004


Mutterings continued.

30c and humid - no sign of the threatened (promised?) thunderstorms.

I spent most of today sitting in Emergency at the Armadale Kelmscott hospital waiting for Mum to be seen by a doctor. We were thinking she'd have to be admitted but they sent her home with another lot of pills. One of the problems is she's off her food, and feels nauseous and tired all the time. She's on inflammatories for severe pain in her shoulder and it appears that they are causing a lot of the problem. The doctor and nurse at AKH told her that the type she was taking can cause problems and advised her to stay off them. Her own doctor told her that they would be perfectly ok.

On the way home I called into Bunnings and spent the rest of my birthday money. I bought some Cat Grass for Gus and Milo who love the stuff. I had to get one each as Milo hogs it. I've bought them Catnip in the past and they've ignored it.

Couple of days late, but....Happy birthday, William Shakespeare. Whoever you are.

It looks as though the sleeping medication I've been taking is having side effects again (tingling and shaking in the arms and hands, joint pain) so I've decided to give Valerian a go. So, if the next time any of you meet me I'm crabby, you'll know the Valerian isn't working. 8-)


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