Saturday, April 24, 2004


Mutterings continued.

Odd weather. Warm, cloudy, raining at my folks' place, apparently.

No L and R tonight as Leece isn't well. I'll just have to buy the chocolate friands again next week.

The Google ad on my blog is for the Arkangel Shakespeare cd series. I have five of them - they're unabridged and very good. And all feature David Troughton, funnily enough. His Richard III is wonderful.

The Guardian has an interesting interview with Malcolm McDowell, an actor who's made some interesting choices in his career.

And an article on why The Bill is the soap it is today. In the 'Old Days' (TM) actors would go from The Bill to the RSC; now they go from Eastenders to The Bill to Coronation St.

Rik Mayall is in Murder Rooms tonight, interesting.


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