Thursday, April 15, 2004

The poltergoose is back.

Mutterings continued.

First it was the Aust Geo calendar in the kitchen, then the Servant of Two Masters poster in the bedroom (at 2.20am, thank you very much!). There was also the strange case of 5 $2 coins lining themselves up perfectly on the kitchen table - I dumped them on the table, went back a little while later and they were all lined up. Might have been the poltergoose, might have been the fact that I straightened the table cloth under them.

The religious Google ads have gone and been replaced by, which is a bit of a coincidence as I've just won another auction.

I'm proud to announce I'm a Googlewhacker! I have two entries in the Whack Stack - upscale monotreme and numbat harmonics.

I wasted some time at lunch doing an online IQ test (since doing IQ testing as part of my Psych course I've had real problems with this kind of measure of intelligence. If being able to answer a series of questions correctly indicates how smart you are, how brilliant does it make the person who makes up the test and knows all the answer cos they wrote them??). Apparently I'm a Facts Curator - I collect trivia and stuff, which probably explains why I tend to know a lot of really useless stuff but occasionally forget my name.

Interesting article about the Nobel Prize winner sperm bank set up 25 years ago. It wasn't a success.


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