Monday, May 03, 2004


Mutterings continued.

Who'd have thought the Fins were so ....... eccentric. David Troughton's dad, Patrick, used to call acting on stage "Shouting about in the evenings." This takes it to a whole new level. Gjallarhorn they ain't.

And speaking of Mr T, another of his telly performances was added to the video library last night. He appeared as a rather sleazy petrol depot owner in Foyle's War. It was pretty good, unfortunately I can't get past Michael "Foyle" Kitchen's performance as King Charles in House of Cards. Everything I see him in reminds me of that.

One man's view of the last 50 years of pop.

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich (a fascinating place) is looking for funds for restoration. Lots of funds.

Apparently, today is Shakespeare's birthday. I didn't miss it after all. Not that he'd notice.


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