Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Tuesday, I think.

Mutterings continued.

Spent the day wondering why my boss's Tuesday appointments were being held today and not tomorrow. Silly Poss.

Sir Ian (God2) McKellen was a guest on the Parkinson show last Saturday night. Very interesting gorilla impression. And here are some pics from his appearance on The Simpsons. Spoilers!!

I've just noticed that he's appearing in Aladdin at the Old Vic during the time I'll be in the UK. Yay!!

Amusing story from t'Northerner:


This is a pretty intense week for northern sport, as the final positions in football's Premier League get sorted. But that doesn't stop the Newcastle Evening Chronicle highlighting the less stressful side of fun and games. It reveals that racing's Northumberland Plate meeting in Newcastle this summer is going to start off with a... well... exceptional sort of race.

The field will be composed of pantomime horses, explains the paper's Paul Mcmillan, and at least a dozen pairs of front and back legs will try to manage a complete furlong of the course at Gosforth Park. A furlong is 220 yards or 201.168 metres if you didn't know (and I had to look it up on Google), and that is quite a long way for a pantomime horse to saunter, let alone race.

The only spur to a decent, Roger Bannister-type time is that the horses will run without a third participant, a jockey, teetering on top. All profits and stakes are bound appropriately for a charity which looks after injured and exhausted racehorses." And knackered pantomime actors.


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