Thursday, April 29, 2004

The weekend looms

Mutterings continued.

It's been a mixed couple of days. Not very good news re Mum's CAT scan, they've found more shading on her lungs. I rang her today and she sounds ok, not as tired as she has been. The results from my blood tests were mixed, most good, some bad. Dr not happy with my cholesterol and blood glucose levels so he's put me on Lipitor and given me a referral for another set of blood tests in 3 months.

Bloody CALM has been burning off again and the resultant pollution plays merry hell with the breathing of us asthmatics. M'doctor had a nice old rant about it too.

On the plus side - two parcels were waiting for me at the Bentley distribution depot this morning. One was a salwar kameez I'd bought from India (lovely red and black it is) and the other contained goodies I'd ordered from Oxfam. I picked them up before work and opened the box from Oxfam up in my office. The resultant fall out of packing material has made my office look as though the shredder exploded.

I received an email re the Supanova con in Sydney this weekend. Guests include George Takei, David Carradine (yes, THE David Carradine who is probably sick to the back teeth of people calling him Grasshopper) and John Noble, the wonderful Steward on Gondor and certified loon (the Steward, not Mr Noble).

And the best news of the day is......I got to pat a tiger this afternoon. Dumai was hand raised in Germany and likes female company. One of the keepers introduced me to him - he rubbed his face back and forth across ours hands and stood still for a scratch and tickle. So that's two tigers, a lion, a cheetah and a serval I've been lucky enough to get up close and personal with.


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