Sunday, May 09, 2004

Wet! Windy!!

Mutterings continued.

and the city is completely obscured. And stupid Milo insisted on going out onto the balcony to chew my plants. In the rain.

Last night we watched the Debbie Harry ep of the Muppets, a very funny ep of Firefly and MST3K's Deathstalker 3. Unbelievable that they actually made 3 of these things. As a line of dialogue, "Potatoes are what we eat!" is up there with "This is where the fish lives." from Touch of Satan.

Last year I got a dose of viral labyrinthitis, a nasty bug that makes you feel like something awful is happening to your brain (eg a stroke). Well, it did me. I was lying in bed and the world was going round and round (and I hadn't even had a drink). The world was kaleidoscoping every time I opened my eyes. Then the nausea started and the copious throwing up and the inability to stand up. It eventually passed a couple of days later - the doctor diagnosed what it was, gave me some pills, and the happy news that it will probably come back. Last night I thought it had. I was lying in bed and the world started going around, etc. Fortunately it passed very quickly and apart from feeling a little wobbly, I'm none the worse for wear. I'm just wondering if it's a portent and I'm in for another bout.


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