Sunday, May 16, 2004

New Toy

Mutterings continued.

The stove here in the flat is very old and half the jets don't work. I've tried unblocking them but to no avail. The numbers of the dial have been washed away over time so I don't know what temperature I'm cooking things at - not that the thermostat works anyway. Yesterday I bought a toaster oven thingie that is big enough to cook (small) roasts in. I tried it out on the pies I made for dinner and it worked a treat.

We saw a shocker of a film last night - thank the small gods for the MST3K treatment. It was the Castle of Dr Fu Manchu, not one of Christopher Lee's better efforts and one he probably leaves off the CV. Actually, Mr Lee's performance IS a good one, it's the rest of the film that's dire, with lines like:

Dr. Petrie: It's hot in here.
Inspector Ahmet: Then take your clothes off.
Dr. Petrie: A gentleman never takes his clothes off in public!


Lin Tang: Even Nayland-Smith cannot touch you now, father.
Fu Manchu: I wish that he would try.

We also watched a great ep of Firefly, "Out of Gas". Very well done indeed.

Ovation screened the BBC Tempest during the week. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet but it appears promising - Michael Horden as Prospero, David "Ford Prefect" Dixon as Ariel, Warren "Dalziel" Clark as Caliban and Andrew Sachs as Stephano and Trinculo.

And still on things televisual, I received an email from DVDsoon yesterday to say that the third of the Cadfaels I ordered has been shipped, which means I now have two in transit.


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