Thursday, June 03, 2004

Damned cold!

Mutterings continued.

1c when I got up yesterday. The flat is nice and warm however and we haven't needed to put the heater on. Nick keeps looking at the blue skies and saying, "But this is the middle of winter!" The days have been lovely.

Last night we went to Scarborough for fish and chips with Rob and Leece. Very enjoyable evening. And today it's off to New Norcia to see the Benedictine community. I took some friends there once for the annual picnic and they were so impressed that one of them declared he was going to book out the entire hotel for his 50th birthday.

Now, said friend has been known to dress up as Evita for parties (he tried to catch a cab home and couldn't understand why they wouldn't stop for a 6" tall chap in a long frock and size 12 stilettoes and moustache), so how the good people of New Norcia would have coped makes for fun speculation. In the end he hired a farmhouse in the South of France for 20 of his closest friends. Gosh I know such sophisticated people. I'm obviously not one of them as he didn't invite me. 8-( That's because I was travelling to Europe a few months later anyway and really couldn't afford to go twice.


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