Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Soaps - spoilers for The Bill ahoy!!

Mutterings continued.

I read an article today about a tv show that was a favourite of mine but has slipped so far into soapdom I can't watch it. I'm talking about The Bill. Apparently June Ackland and Jim Carver finally get hitched (how many years has it taken??) but as a spokesperson for the show said, 'As with all soap marriages it doesn't run smoothly."

Bad enough the viewers think it's a soap - now the creators have admitted it. Bring back Galloway, says I.

Off to see Harry Potter tomorrow night (GenghisCon fundraiser) at the Astor in Mt Lawley - lovely deco theatre. The Silvery Gibbon Foundation people are attending the session before so here's hoping they don't leave bananas and peanuts everywhere. Bit of a furphy that - Silvery gibbons don't eat peanuts. Neither do elephants, come to think of it.

The bastard SGIC insurance company in Adelaide is advertising insurance for the over 50's - using one of my fave Oz bands, the Masters Apprentices! "If you ever had a pin up of Jim Keays on your bedroom wall, you're probably eligible...." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poss hurls herself to the floor and sobs. For the record, I'm NOT over 50 however I do see the half tonne looming on the horizon and I'm not happy about it.


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