Wednesday, January 19, 2005

*hack* *coff*

Mutterings continued.

Most of the Perth metropolitan area today was blanketed by a thick pall of smoke from severe bushfires. Thanks to Rob for posting some before and after pics of what it was like. I don't live very far from the city and couldn't see any of the buildings this morning.

Just returned from dinner with L, M and S and a nice drive through the unknown waste that is North Of The River.

I got a card in the letterbox yesterday advising that a registered letter was waiting for me at the PO - had no idea what it was. Turned out to the be the tickets to Friday's performance of As You Like It. I'd forgotten all about them.

I see on the aus.sf.babylon5 ng that a certain chain of stores (ok, K Mart) is selling series 5 for under $50. Looks like I'll finally end up with the complete set.

I received the cast list and rehearsal schedule for Winter's Tale yesterday. Pleased to see that I'll be working with Stephen Lee, Shirley Welsh and The Lovely Stephen Whiley again.

I saw a piece on the news the other night about the Australian Travel Expo in California. All the Australian celebs were there - Nicole Kidman (born in Hawaii), Mel Gibson (born in New York), Olivia Newton John (born in the UK). Visit the website - you can hear Steve Irwin "talk Australian". *sigh* One thing in Irwin's favour - he's funding the rescue project for Tasmanian Devils.


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