Thursday, February 24, 2005

One day to go.

Mutterings continued.

Eeek! Worked late tonight, will probably do the same tomorrow.

Review of the Disney dub of Ghibli's The Cat Returns by - "Compared to epics like NausicaƤ and Mononoke, The Cat Returns is a pretty minor Ghibli project; it's only 75 minutes long, and it keeps its stakes low and its spirits high. It's closer to a lightweight kids' comedy than most of Ghibli's movies" They give it an A-. They also review Porco Rosso (A-) and NausicaƤ (A+).

The weather in the UK is getting worse - lots of schools in Scotland have been closed. A bit of a worry when an RAC man gets trapped in his van for 8 hours. Apparently a helicopter was sent but couldn't land. Middlesbrough tomorrow is going to be 3c.

And now something I agree with completely. "'Free chocolate on NHS'

Chocolate should be free on the NHS because of its health benefits for women.

According to scientists chocolate helps cut symptoms of PMT and depression reports The Sun."


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