Friday, February 18, 2005


Mutterings continued.

It's Friday. Only seems like yesterday it was Monday and the start of another week. A busy, stressful day today, broken up by Earl Grey tea with friends and a staff meeting which featured interesting reports from staff. A report on moving a sun bear to NZ, walking the Bibbulman Track and the rescue work being done in the region to save the Tasmanian Devil.

My zebra cushions, a birthday prez from Leece and Rob, arrived today. They are stunning! I realise now that black and white probably aren't the best colours to have with cats around however I don't care. They look lovely.

There must be an election looming - the amount of junk electioneering mail has ramped up. Three yesterday, one today. Glossies from the conservative candidates, recycled paper and monochrome print from the Greens and Labor.

It seems that a contestant on UK Mastermind last year had as her specialist subject Babylon 5. I think I feel the need to watch some B5 tonight.

A great episode of Catalyst on the telly last night - it was about the trip to Titan by Cassini-Huygens and the resulting pics. Very exciting stuff. "Bashar Rizk
"It's a very cold, a very forbidding place, but when you see it, it looks just like the Earth and you want to go back, I mean I've talked to several people now and they had the same reaction, you know, they-they didn't anticipate liking the place."


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