Sunday, February 13, 2005


Mutterings continued.

Strange weather - blue skies, clouds, no rain, humid.

Visited Dad for lunch and then took a trip to the garden centre and greengrocer's.

Had a picnic tea and then much laughter at St George's College last night. The Real Inspector Hound was a hoot. I love coarse acting and this was CA at its absolute best. The play within the play, that is. The real play was beautifully (over) acted by all.

Favourite lines: "Don't be a madman! Give yourself up!" the police as they tramp the fog-ridden moors with megaphones.

"The same, half an hour later." Mrs Drudge, expositionist extraordinaire, on the telephone.

"The man is wearing a darkish suit with a lightish shirt. He is of medium height and build and youngish. Anyone seeing a man answering to this description and acting suspiciously, is advised to phone the nearest police station."

I've just discovered that Sir Ian McKellen directed a production of Hound in 1972 with Derek Jacobi playing one of the critics. Stellar! He also played the role of Hound in a 1985/86 season with the wonderful Eleanor Bron and Jonathon Hyde.

And speaking of Sir Eee, the Magic Roundabout has been released in the UK.


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