Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday, at last!

Mutterings continued.

What a week! I survived, just.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is cool, very, deeply cool. Love the robots with the snakey arms. And look out for the newspaper from Japan reporting on the attack on Tokyo. Very funny. The projectionist was having some bizarre problems with the sound before the movie started - lots of very peculiar whizzes, pops and farting noises. A small but appreciative audience laughed.

There's some interesting telly coming up. I recorded the first episode of Lost last night; I'll watch it later. Foyle's War is back on Sundays (the episode features Sam West, son of Timothy and Prunella Scales) and Battlestar Galactica starts next week (I think).

"A Colombian mayor shot himself in the backside while he was on the toilet." *snigger*

Leece and Rob are coming for dins tomorrow night - I think we neglected to work out who is doing what. We've run out of Muppets and Storyteller but we do have Stargate Atlantis and B. Galactica. Whoo hoo.


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