Saturday, January 29, 2005

A Warm Saturday

Mutterings continued.

Took myself out to Carousel Shopping Centre this morning for a change. And because Woolworths had Whiskas for 77c a can. And also because I have a $50 gift voucher for any store in the complex. The only problem is, I can't work out what I want to buy with it! Too much choice, I fear. I did buy some props for Winter's Tale - two 12" tapestry frames and lots of calico - from Lincraft.

I saw the advertising blurb for some mascara that made me think it would be uncomfortable to use. Apparently it fans your eyelashes out 360 degrees. They go into your eyes??

Electioneering junk mail update - nothing today.

From the Bad Astronomy site:

"NEWS ALERT! January 21, 2005:
The Bush administration has asked NASA not to service Hubble again, and instead to concentrate on dropping it safely into the Pacific ocean at the end of its lifetime. This may be a political ploy to gain ground later, but it strikes me as having a ring of truth to it. I have mixed emotions, personally: I used Hubble for many, many years, and it has done more to bring the beauty and awe of astronomy to the public than almost anything else. However, a new mission to refurbish it would cost over a billion dollars in real money, and that might be best spent other ways given NASA's limited budget (of course, I think NASA's budget should be doubled, but that is sadly not going to play here). I also fear that this might be another thrust in the "men not machines" debate going on in space circles these days. Either way, we'll have to see how this plays out in the coming few weeks. The national budget (including NASA) will be made public in early February. "


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