Sunday, January 23, 2005


Mutterings continued.

40C today - oog! Fortunately I have aircon in the car and in my flat - not that I'm bragging, it's just such a novelty.

Went to Dad's for lunch; he did roast lamb and vegies. Very nice it was too.

I've just had a whinge on the iinet.general newsgroup: Why Don't Techs Listen to Me?

Tried connecting this afternoon, 3.20ish, and kept getting error messages
saying either the number was busy or the modem on the remote computer was
out of order. Rang Priority Support and was told to restart my computer
that would fix it. Didn't.

Rang again. Aaron got me to remove all modem drivers and reinstall them,
restart the computer, and that would fix it. Didn't. Still getting 777
error messages (ie it's the remote modem).

Rang again, got Simon. Told him it wasn't me, it was them. He said he was
inclined to agree with me as they were starting to get complaints in the
last five minutes. I told him that, by this point, it had been happening
for over half an hour.

Why did the first two guys automatically assume it my problem without
bothering to check that it could have been theirs?


Had a good night last night. Chicken Mole, evil chocolate icecreamy almond triangle thing and Creature Comforts, the pilot movie of Nightstalker, Stargate Atlantis and Jack Palance sleepwalking (but then, can he act any other way??) through a dire movie entitled Outlaw. Apparently it was based on a series of equally dire books about a planet called Gor. MST3K did their usual amusing take on the dross, the highlight of which, for me, was watching TV's Frank and Dr Forrester dancing. I see Frank leads...

Exciting news! Some of the winners of WA Finlay Drama Awards :

Best Actor - Stephen Lee - The Tempest- GRADS

Best Actress - Shirley Welch - Blood Brother, GRADS

Best other than lead Male - Stephen Whiley, GRADS , Blood Brothers

The Sheila Buchanan award, was awarded to GRADS for a year of excellence in standard of work.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone made a Gor movie!!?? Oh dear!
Difficulties dealing with the iinet support were a major part of my reasons for shifting to Westnet.
I see you have been subjected to behavioral enrichment for geeks (reload the drivers, reload the OS, feh!).

7:13 am  

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