Thursday, January 20, 2005

*hack* *coff* Day 2

Mutterings continued.

The day started pretty badly with a smoke haze once again enveloping the city, however it didn't last as long as yesterday. Things were worse out Dad's way and he had to turn to his nebuliser and Ventolin puffer a few times.

No mail today. There was a card stuck in the door yesterday from the PO - in November I ordered some candles from an online shop in the US. They hadn't turned up by mid Jan so they sent me another parcel. Both deliveries have now turned up! The first was sent November 22 and took nearly 2 months to get here. The second took 8 days.

I've just noticed that there's a cricket walking across the ceiling in the kitchen. It's chirping.

The wankfest that is Dubya's inauguration has begun. Millions are being spent on parties, balls and backslapping. Appalling waste of money.

Much amusement from Rob's Blog:

"1/ Visit
2/ Select Norway for the country for both start and end
3/ Start from Haugesund, and end in Trondheim
4/ Click "Get Directions"

Now, try reversing the journey"

I want one of these:

"Mr Potato Head Remodelled as Darth Tater

He looks like a chip off the block - but children's favourite Mr Potato Head
today crossed over to the "dark fried" as he was remodelled as a Star Wars

Manufacturers have created a new version of the classic toy, launched in
1952, to celebrate the imminent launch of the latest chapter in the sci-fi
film series, Revenge of The Sith." And here he is:

Darth Tater. Posted by Hello


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