Saturday, January 22, 2005

*hack* *wheeze* Day 4

Mutterings continued.

10.30am and the city is only just starting to emerge from the smoke haze. My flat smells like a burning cigarette butt and I've had to resort to the air freshener. I'd burn some incense if it wasn't so ironic.

Starting the 31st I have a new (temporary) job as the Zoo's Publications and Information Officer. Means a lot more writing, research, stuff I enjoy.

Last night I attended Attic Theatre's production of As You Like It at St George's College in Crawley. Lovely setting, lovely play. I'm not overly struck on Shakespeare's comedies, I'm more your blood and thunder Henry V and Richard III sort of gal, but Stephen Lee's direction and vision made it a very, very funny piece of work. It had your typical Shakespeare ending - obvious that he ran out of ideas or got bored and ties it all up with a "With one bound he was free!" solution. The casting of Touchstone was brilliant.

Time for breakfast and then commence the housework. L and R are coming over for dins and dvds - Chicken Mole by all accounts. Mmmmm....chicken in chocolate....


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