Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Oz Day Skyshow

Mutterings continued.

Lord how I hate it! And I think most people living in South Perth and surrounds agree. Half an hour of fireworks results in hours of being kept awake by drunken yobs in cars with blaring sound systems and days of cleaning up by the Council and residents of the debris that gets left behind.

I see has got Sky Captain for sale at CA$22. Cheap, especially for a film that hasn't been shown here yet. And the B5 movies for only CA$42.

Electioneering junk mail update:
Aust. Dems - black print on recycled paper
Libs - all colour glossy
ALP - nothing yet
Independents - nothing yet
Registered loonies (One Nation, etc etc) - nothing yet.

An amusing article on how to beat French waiters at their own game (not easy!).

Damn! I've just discovered I've missed Haggis Hunting season. The Scotsman website has a series of webcams in which it may sometimes be possible to spot a haggis. I captured quite a few the year before last. Unfortunately, haggis season doesn't start until the end of November, a whole 10 months away. I'm a sucker for a web cam, especially those in zoos.


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