Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tuesday before Oz Day.

Mutterings continued.

Public Hol tomorrow.

Electioneering junk mail update: yesterday it was black print on recycled paper from the Democrats. Today it was a full colour glossy pamphlet from the Libs covered in photos of the candidate.

And, other than the local rag, that was all the stuff in the letter box. Most disappointing.

On advice from Leece and Rob I have downloaded Firefox and am giving it a go. Looking pretty good at the moment.

Thanks to Fiona for alerting me to this little time waster. Smack that Penguin! 320 feet is my best so far.

Last night's episode of South Park was incredibly bitchy - Matt and Trey obviously have no qualms about calling Paris Hilton how they see her - a skanky stupid spoiled whore.
" Wendy- I don't get it, what does she do?
Girl- She's totally rich!
Wendy- But what does she do?!" Exactly.


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