Thursday, January 27, 2005

Not sure what day it is....

Mutterings continued.

Having a day off in the middle of the week causes much confusion. It sort of felt like a Monday today.

It's been a frustrating couple of days, software wise. My version of Outlook at work has become completely flaky and closes itself down every couple of messages, spitting out 'runtime' and 'visual basic' errors. It looks as though MS Office will have to come off and be reinstalled.

And I've been trying to install Java Runtime so I can look at my favourite webcams - it's taken two days. Bloody frustrating as I think the install has frozen and then another little notch will come up to show it's still working.

The South Perth foreshore was a tip this morning. Friends saw the Mayor of Sth Perth picking his way through the rubbish and shaking his head.

Had a very nice lunch today. Friend and I went to the Secret Garden in Sth Perth; she had tuna patties and I have chicken with vegies. Yum. And I'm off there again tomorrow. Such extravagance.

Yay! Java has finally installed! I can see the Covent Garden webcam again. Covent Garden is very cool. The tube station is gorgeous and the market stalls and Underground Museum are must sees.

No election material in the letterbox today. No junk mail at all!

I got my Winter's Tale props list from Mr Milson the director today. Not tooooo bad, only two pages long. The wheel chair shouldn't be a problem, Dad has one. The baby, on the hand, could be a problem. Anyone got a sprog they could give us for a few weeks? No large unobtainable coloured confetti! Yippeee! At least, not yet....


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