Sunday, January 30, 2005

And an even hotter Sunday.

Mutterings continued.

2pm and it's about 34c. It was supposed to be 33 today - I want a refund!

Gave Manfred a bath this morning - he needed it. Parking under the shade of a tree may be nice, but when it's a Morten Bay fig, with resident birdies, it gets a little messy.

I'm just back from having lunch with Dad - roast chicken and vegies this week. We were going to Bunnings to have a look at electric mowers but it was too warm, so we'll do that another day. On the way back I stopped into the supermarket to pick up some very exciting ice cream and a newspaper. It's all go in Poss's world.

The spare room is looking like a room again and not a dumping ground for unused, unwanted props. A few months back I replaced all my wire coat hangers with solid plastic jobbies and put them in a bag - I couldn't decide whether to throw them out or hang on to them cos you never know when they'll come in handy (pack rat, I mean props person, that I am). I'm sure the buggers have bred! I don't remember having that many. I think I've made the decision to throw them into the recycling bin. Just watch - Mr Milson will amend the Winter's Tale props list to include 100 old wire coat hangers.

Oooh.....the Covent Garden web cam is really pretty. It's 6:16am, it's dark, it's been raining and all the lights are reflecting like gold on the road surface.

Right, back to the housework. *sigh*


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