Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Busy Wednesday

Mutterings continued.

I got two of my magazine articles back from editing today. My first articles. One of them had a 'Very good' comment and only a couple of corrections on it. The other was covered in red pen. Ah well, win some, lose some.

Visited Dad in hospital - his ulcers are gone but his blood count is down so he's having a couple of bags of blood pumped into him. He should be home tomorrow.

And then on to rehearsals to drop off some props. The Dick Whittington swag needs work!

I've got the B5 movie "In the Beginning" on in the background. As soon as the theme started I realised how much I missed Babylon 5. Setting the VCR every Thursday night, making sure the finish time was 90 minutes later than scheduled because the stupid Footy Show would always run over. The standing order of tapes at Planet Hollywood. Worshipping with Leece at the Shrine of the Narnly Nightie. Galactica is good and Atlantis is good but nothing today matches, for me, the anticipation of and satisfaction with B5.

I got a present from our IT guy today - a tin of "Curiously strong cinnamon" Altoids. Yum! Geeks lurve cinnamon.


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