Sunday, February 06, 2005

An even cooler day

Mutterings continued.

I know I may seem a little preoccupied with the weather at times - it's just that I hate summer, can't stand the heat, and wilt like the tender flower I am in temps over 25c. Today was 26c, not too bad given this is the hottest month of the year. Of course, it's only the 6th today and there's a lot of February left.

No Mystie last night however we did watch the second Kolchack movie, which was very creepy, atmospheric and cool, and Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica. Much fun was had by all parties with the laser pointer and the rubber ringie rocket shootie things. Rob makes a very good target.

This morning was spent tidying up after last night's revels and then to Dad's for lunch. On the way home I called into Gosnells markets to see if they had any earthenware jugs or similar for sale. No luck. I did managed to satisfy my Anglophilic cravings by buying a Yorkie bar ("They're not for girls." Oh, really??!! In the UK, Yorkie bars are advertised as being truck driver fodder and not suitable for girlies.).

I spotted a lovely silver art deco tea strainer and stand on Ebay for $14.26 (odd number). I don't know what the standing highest bid is but I was outbid a couple of times straight way. After the second time it gets really boring so I've decided not to fight for it.


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