Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Mutterings continued.

25.3c today, very respectable. Heating up for the weekend. And that's the weather report.

My latest purchase from Amazon was on the doorstep when I got home - the Crusade and B5 movies box sets.

Shoebox Zoo, a classy kids series from the UK, is screening on the ABC at 5pm on Tuesdays.

I got a good review for The Real Inspector Hound from a friend at work; very enjoyable she said.

On the way home from work I called into Good Sammies, the largest op-shop in the neighbourhood. I didn't find the mugs or jugs I was looking for but did get some bread baskets and material for the large bundle some poor thesp has to carry on a stick, a la Dick Wittington.

Interesting, but unenlightening, comment from Alan Cumming about Bryan Singer. " Alan Cumming, who played the blue-skinned Nightcrawler in the X-Men sequel, X2, revealed to SCI FI Wire that he's not disappointed Bryan Singer won't be directing the third installment in the comic-book franchise. "I'm not, and I can't deny it," Cumming said in an interview. "I think he's really talented, and I'm really proud of the film—I think it's a great film—but I didn't enjoy working with him on it." Cumming declined to elaborate. " From scifi.com.

Dad's heading back into hospital tonight. His blood count still isn't the best and his gastroenterologist wants to see what's up with his ulcers.


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