Friday, February 11, 2005

It IS the weekend!

Mutterings continued.

Week 2 of the new job over. Did some research, answered some emails from the public, drafted a questionnaire, updated the website, etc etc. And had time for a cup of Earl Grey at the cafe.

From the Official London Theatre Guide: "Anyone interested in taking a peak (sic) behind the scenes of hit shows could do worse than heading down to the Theatre Museum, where new exhibition The Dressing Room has recently opened. A selection of photographs of around 50 theatrical stars, taken by Simon Annand during the half hour before the actors were due on stage, present an insight into backstage life not normally apparent to the public. The exhibition runs at the Theatre Museum, Covent Garden until May 1. Entrance is free." I do like the sound of that! Apparently some famous thesps spend it throwing up (hope there aren't any pics of that) and some sucking in as much tar and nicotine as they can.

More excitements in the UK: "Pontefract Liquorice Festival
Pontefract Liquorice Festival is a two day arts and heritage festival celebrating the town of Pontefract and its unique association with liquorice. Subject to confirmation of funding, the festival will take place on 16th and 17th July 2005. It comprises Historic Pontefract (16th July), a day of living history, traditional arts and crafts in Pontefract Castle, and Liquorice Day (17th July), a day of contemporary art, craft and music in Pontefract Town Centre. This year's festival has an international flavour with an emphasis on food. " I thought the festival would have a liquorice flavour....

Gods but IInet is slow tonight!

Off to see Inspector Hound tomorrow night. More good reviews on the ITA website.


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