Thursday, February 17, 2005

A nice birthday

Mutterings continued.

I had a nice day yesterday. Lunch, cake in the afternoon and then dinner at the Himalayan Gerkin with TUS. Thanks guys! The weather cooled down for me too. And I received another nice Nepalese bag from the restaurant - I plan to collect the whole set. Provided, of course, I don't close this restaurant like I have so many others.

I discovered yesterday that the espresso coffee maker I've just bought is called Alicia. Seems appropriate somehow. I'll name the coffee grinder Rob.

We were talking about Beowulf at dinner last night; today Leece sent me this:

Meanehwael, baccat meaddehaele, monstaer lurccen;
Fulle few too many drincce, hie luccen for fyht.
[D]en Hreorfneorht[d]hwr, son of Hrwaerow[p]heororthwl,
AEsccen aewful jeork to steop outsyd.
[P]hud! Bashe! Crasch! Beoom! [D]e bigge gye
Eallum his bon brak, byt his nose offe;
Wicced Godsylla waeld on his asse.
Monstaer moppe fleor wy[p] eallum men in haelle.
Beowulf in bacceroome fonecall bemaccen waes;
Hearen sond of ruccus saed, "Hwaet [d]e helle?"
Graben sheold strang ond swich-blaed scharp
Sond feorth to fyht [d]e grimlic foe.
"Me," Godsylla saed, "mac [d]e minsemete."
Heoro cwyc geten heold wi[p] faemed half-nelson
Ond flyng him lic frisbe bac to fen.
Beowulf belly up to meaddehaele bar,
Saed, "Ne foe beaten mie faersom cung-fu."
Eorderen cocca-colha yce-coeld, [d]e reol [p]yng.
-- Not Chaucer, for certain

"Star Wars director George Lucas is a bit sick of being behind the camera apparently and so has decided to make a cameo appearance in the new and supposedly last film." If it's ok for Peter Jackson.....


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