Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Even Yuckier.

Mutterings continued.

It was 41c at 4pm when I left work. It's still in the high 30's. Tomorrow will be cooler, humid but cooler.

Some friends and I are getting together for lunch for my birthday and then TUS will be doing it again for dinner. Steveg and Maureen - 7pm at Himali!

Iinet was having serious problems this evening. They were off the air from 4pm, if not earlier, until about 8pm. Router problems apparently.

I slept very badly last night - I'm trying to stay off the sleeping pills as I've been experiencing unpleasant side effects. Last Friday was spent convinced I was having a number of heart attacks. Very odd feeling of palpitations that went away on Saturday and haven't returned. Haven't taken any sleepers in that time either.

I had some very odd dreams, including one that involved poor Manfred being gouged all down one side.

Did some research today on what makes chimpanzees Pan (their genus) and came across an interesting forum - Creation Vs Evolution. Not a debate I want to get into but there was an interesting discussion on taxonomic nomenclature. An amusing sub forum - "Dates and Dating Single and looking? Too bad, you've come to the wrong place. But if you want to discuss the Rock and Ages and the ages of rocks then this is the forum for you!"

For the pedants (and I am one) among us - Fight the Bull - Why Managers Talk Like Idiots.


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