Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Warm Day

Mutterings continued.

Just back from Dad's new(ish) abode. He's moved back to Armadale, to the village that he and Mum didn't like. It's under new management and seems to have improved out of sight. We had roast beef with 5 vegies for lunch - it cost $5 for me. The people at his table seem nice, so it's good he's getting some company.

The steak and kidney pies turned out reasonable last night. Some of the meat was tender, some a bit chewy. I used two different cuts so I'm not sure which was which. I tried to separate the meat from the kidley for Leece but the odd bit of offal crept in. I have been given orders to create the dish again some time in the future. And for afters we had a very nice, very healthy fruit roll and unhealthy (but who cares?) after dinner mint choccie ice cream.

Mystie was a giggle (Frank and Joel, hurrah!) and Crow looked very fetching in a toga. He has the legs for it. And Mike Nelson does a very passable Steve Reeves. A great ep of BSG and the first ep of .... ummmm... anime.... called.....ummmmm....hmm. Got good music and things that look as though they turn into other things. Rah.....something. Xephon! That's it.

I have another bloody rent inspection on Tuesday, which means tackling the back room. Again. A play has come and gone since the last inspection and the room once again looks like backstage at the Dolphin has exploded. So this afternoon I shall be spending my time wondering where on earth to put all the fake flowers I've been entrusted with.


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