Monday, April 25, 2005

A Day Spent Inside

Mutterings continued.

Public Hol today and I spent it with a load of mud on my head. I decided to henna my hair and natural henna is rather messy stuff. I looked like something that had crawled out of the jungle. Or a mud wrestler. I spent the day cleaning up, doing dishes and transferring more tapes to disk - more Poirots and a heap of David Troughtons.

Last night was fun; we had a bbq on the verandah (mmmm....sausages..), BSG (a very good ep), Stargate:Atlantis (the first of a two-parter and Rob doesn't have the second episode yet. Eeek!) and a funny, funny MST3K, Laserblast. What was Roddy McDowall thinking?? Lots of wonderful cheesy references to Star Trek and a brilliant 2001 ending. Here is Mystie's own review. The best bits, apart from the 2001 references? Mike Nelson as Captain Janeway and the turtle aliens in the movie. On the downside, it was Trace "Dr Forrester" Beaulieus' last appearance. First Frank, now Dr F.


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