Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Day of Promised Rain

Mutterings continued.

that never came.

I was woken by some strange noises coming from Milo in the early hours. When I got up this morning I discovered what it was that was bothering him - I found the corpse of a large flying beetle in the lounge room. I don't know who killed it but I suspect it was Gus because Milo is rubbish at hunting bugs.

Had lunch with Caroline today at the Munch Box. She had combination Lhaksa and I had crispy noodles. V nice and not bad value at $8.

Grumpy Old Men was funny the other night. They all get pissed off by people talking loudly in confined spaces (eg on trains) on their phones. Rory McGrath likes to sing Tie a Yellow Ribbon very loudly, in the cabaret-style, to make them shut up. They also detest off road vehicles driven by people who's idea of off road is parking on the curb.


Anonymous leece said...

It's raining a very little bit here, now.

6:16 pm  
Blogger Possbert said...

Looks like I must have moved to Tuart Hill. Nuffink here!

4:59 pm  

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