Sunday, April 17, 2005

An Overcast Sunday

Mutterings continued.

Just back from Dad's - we had devilled sausages for lunch. Mmm, nice.

The fish and chips and ice creams went down well last night. The shark I'd bought from the fishmonger's (are they called 'fishmongers' any more, I wonder) was very nice; I'd been hoping for fresh, however all they had was frozen. It was very tasty. nonetheless (do people still say 'nonetheless' I wonder).

We watched scenes from L and R's adventures in rocketry; the footage taken from the rockets themselves was very cool. The Mystie was a hoot, a real, certified hoot, featuring a host of Mexican wrestlers playing heroes, vampires, and wrestlers. It was also sad as it was TV Frank's last appearance. Torgo the White came to take him to Second Banana Heaven. *sniff* Who will Dr Forrester kill now?

I showed my new DVD recorder and all its various cables to Rob last night; I whimpered like a girlie and said that I couldn't work out how to plug it all in. Rob visibly paled, then ran screaming from the room (the poor lad has been through all this several times before - every time I buy a new piece of electronics he gets the job of trying to fit it into the existing configuration of boxes and cables). He and Leece are calling by later to connect it up for me. I'm looking forward to getting all my M:I and Poirot tapes on disk.

I've just placed a bid on Ebay for an art deco watch casing. Dunno why, I just like the look of it. My current bid is US$0.99, which is about A$1.30. Not sure what the reserve is but I have nothing to lose at that price!


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