Saturday, April 09, 2005

An Improvement on the Weather Front Day

Mutterings continued.

Once again, Perth has the lowest max. temp for any Oz capital city. Yay! Go our meterology!

I watched VH1's 40 Most awesomely Bad #1 songs and boy! were there some shockers. #1 was Macarena, of course, and #2 was Ice Ice Baby. The Beach Boys dud, Kokomo, was at #8 (should have been higher); however one of my all time favourite Yes songs, Owner of a Lonely Heart, was at 24, between a song by Hanson and The Look by Roxette.

Tonight's dinner is somewhat experimental, made more difficult as I couldn't find some of the ingredients - fermented black beans have been substituted with black bean sauce made from fermented black beans.

Yesterday I officially became a 'housewife' - I bought my very first piece of ......gasp..... Tupperware! It's a rather cool lunchbox/bag thingie in black and grey and I'm rather impressed by it. It will probably be my last piece of Tupperware as I'm really an ice cream container and old Chinese takeaway box kind of girl when it comes to storage solutions.


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