Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Foggy (or Smoggy) Start to the Day

Mutterings continued.

Looked out the back door this morning to discover that the city had disappeared under a blanket of the grey stuff. I thought it fog, certainly felt damp enough, but the taxi driver who took me to work said that it was smog, and he should know, taxi drivers know everything.

Manfred had his first ever service this morning; the free 3,000km jobbie. Lord knows how much the next lot will cost. Not actually sure when the next one is due.

No run ins with animals today, though I did have a Dusky Moorhen peer through the window at me.

Looking for some excitement in the coming months? Why give these Brit extreme sports a try:

Cheese Rolling Festival
Coopers Hill, Gloucestershire; 30th May
Annual Nettle-Eating Contest
Marsham, Dorset; 18 June
World Pea Shooting Championships
Witcham, Cambridgeshire; 9th July
World Snail Racing Championships
King's Lynn; 16 July
International Bognor Birdman
Bognor Regis; 20-21 August
Bog Snorkling Championships
Powys, Wales; 29 August
World Conker Championships
Peterborough; 9 October

From the Radio Times: Blackadder goes fifth?

Rumours that Blackadder is to return for a new series have surfaced once again. Senior BBC executives discussed the idea at a recent meeting, says the Sunday Times. Tony Robinson, who played the hapless Baldrick in the first four series, said, "It would be lovely, like a reunion of mates."


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