Monday, March 28, 2005

A Gardening Day

Mutterings continued.

Fabulous thunderstorm last night. Lots of rain, lightning and very, very loud thunder. Loud enough to shake Milo off the lounge. More rain is forecast over the coming days, which is great.

I spent the morning on the verandah, throwing out old, empty plastic pots, cleaning up several years' worth of leaves, etc, and planting out the goodies I bought yesterday. The verandah is no longer an eyesore, and no doubt I'll get comments from the people upstairs and along one who look down on it.

Still waiting to hear if Leece won the Tin Duck at Swancon. Fingers, knees, eyes crossed

UKTV has had a murder/mystery weekend so I've been catching up on episodes of Midsomer Murders and Frost. David Troughton's MM ep was on Saturday; he played a very sleazy drama teacher.

Paul Hester, drummer with Crowded House and presenter of Hessie's Shed, killed himself over the weekend. Damn, damn, damn.


Anonymous Alicia Smith said...

Nope! No Tin Ducks here! Maybe next year. :-)

9:43 pm  
Blogger Possbert said...

Oh rattie poohs! Who got it then??

7:50 am  
Anonymous alicia smith said...

Sarah Xu got the Art one, and Andromeda Spaceways got the Professional Production one.

11:11 am  

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