Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Driving Day

Mutterings continued.

Dad and I went on a road trip to Pinjarra, which is south-eastish of Perth. I wasn't sure how far away it actually was and so did a route search on Whereis; I came up with a driving time of 1 hour 40 minutes from Gosnells where Dad lives. It didn't sound right but I factored that into the trip, picked Dad up about 10ish and ended up stopping in Pinjarra at about 11.15. And that was after driving through and around the town looking for a picnic spot, and being stopped at a level crossing by a very long ore train.

We came to the conclusion that the oncoming traffic must have been allowed to progress in batches, as they all appeared to be in lots of 5. Five cars, gap, five cars, gap. Coming and going. Most odd.

On the way home from Dad's I called into Bunnings and bought about $50 worth of plants, pots and potting mix. I've had a rush of blood to the head and want to do something about my balcony, which is an eyesore. I bought 3 different kinds of mint, some Portulacas, which I love, a red geranium as they are very hard to kill, cat grass for the cats, and some Pansies.

Had dinner and DVDs in Leece and Rob's room at the Emerald (which is next to the Games Room and around the corner from the lift) last night. Rob prepared a wonderful pork pie and salad repast and we watched Stargate:A, Battlestar Galactica (which is just getting better and better) and bits of Killer Shrews and kids washing themselves MST3K-style. R and L have got a combined DVD/VCR recorder (ie, both bits record!) and I want one. You can record from tapes onto DVD! Amazing. I've only got one that does it the other way around. The Good Guys have a Panasonic model for $797, which is a tad more that I want to spend.

There was much, well, a little, excitement when the hotel fire alarm went off and a fire truck rolled up. Seems the Masquarade smoke machine had set the alarms off.

I have been reliably informed that the pilot to the pilot of Angriest Video Store Clerk in the World is really, really funny.


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