Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This has gone on long enough!

Mutterings continued.

It was 42c out Dad's way today. Not much less in Perth and our air con at work isn't working. I have my little guy blowing nice cool air into the lounge room at the moment. I was going out to Retro Betty's with L and R, however we've all decided (well, Leece and I have decided) that we're going to sit in the cool and whine instead.

Tomorrow should be a little better - only 32c. *sigh*

I had a nice walk through the Zoo at 7.30 this morning to turn on the telly in Cinema N'dutu in the African Savannah. Lots of birdies about.

I've just been tapped on the shoulder by Milo. Unfortunately he had his claws out at the time. I think he wanted a pat, though it's hard to tell with cats. He loves the laser pointer - he associates the noise of the keychain with the red shiny thing. Good behavioural enrichment.


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